Contextual Research
Kwella Hermans
10 Week
Summer 2020


Tori Tryon
Sara Castellano
Isabella Morrow
Valentina Garcia


  • Miro
  • Figma
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign

The Ideal Experience of Saving the Bees

Primary Research

This was my favorite part of the project. Isabella Morrow was able to get our team connected with CEBA (Coastal Empire Beekeeping Association) who invited us out onto their community apiary, beekeeping yard.

There we were able to see hives ranging from super successful, to struggling, to completely collapsed. This helped us understand the severity of colony collapse disorder and learn just how quickly a colony can go from thriving to dying.

Sensory Cue Workshop

This is a workshop all about finding what smells, images, textures, and sounds create the best or ideal experience for the user.

Our biggest challenge was finding a way to adapt this to the virtual environment. Sara Castellano (SCAD’22 Architecture) rendered a garden walkthrough and I added the sounds and cards.

If we had more time we would have let users choose their own path through the garden and make it a VR experience.

What I Learned

How to find good in a project that I didn't like. The group fumbled with digital collaboration and out final deliverables suffered. This project was set up to be a leaderless project, which I ended up hating, I struggled with finding the balance of when I was stepping on people's toes or who to ask when I had a question.

I learned how important it was to do onsite research with your target audience. I got see the look of defeat on the beekeeper's face when one of their hives failed. The Sensory Cue Workshop was my proudest accomplishment from the project. It captured the sounds of nature so much so that participants looked around for an open window.

Thank You!